Please note that the time zone currently being used in the conference program is Bahrain Time. Bahrain observes Arabia Standard Time all year.

Parallel Session Details:

Bahrain time Monday, November 15 Tuesday, November 16
11:10 ‑ 12:50 A1: Sustainable Management
A2: Climate Change
A3: Education for Sustainable Development
A4: Heritage and Sustainable Development
A5: Solar Systems and Heat Transfer
A6: Biodiversity and Ecology (1)
A7: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
C1: Energy Sustainability, Resilience, and Transportation
C2: Energy and Renewable Fuels
C3: Smart Urbanism
C4: Sustainable Buildings and Resilience
C5: Water Resources and Agriculture
C6: Building Systems and Technology
C7: Social and Organizational Sustainability
12:50 ‑ 14:10
14:10 ‑ 15:50 B1: Greenhouse Gases and Sustainability
B2: Sustainability of Water Resources
B3: Sustainable Construction (1)
B4: Health
B5: Sustainable Construction (2)
B6: Sustainable Management and Resilience Planning
B7: Innovation and Technology in the Built Environment

Monday, November 15

Monday, November 15 11:10 – 12:50

A1: Sustainable Management

Chair: Saswati Borah
11:10 Action Research Approach: Improving the Effectiveness of Decision Making on Controlling Employee Turnover Rate in a Small Private Steel Casting Company under Capacity Limited Environment
11:26 The Relationship of HR Internal Service Quality on Employees’ Satisfaction in The Baking Sector of Bahrain
11:43 Green Human Resource Management For Sustainable Organizations
12:00 A discussion of damage mitigation of natural disasters: How to increase citizens’ preparedness
12:16 Exploring the Role of Web Personalization in Consumer Green Purchasing Behavior: A Conceptual Framework
12:33 Knowledge Exploitation and Knowledge Exploration for Sustainable Performance of SMEs

A2: Climate Change

Chair: Hajar Ali Mahfoodh
11:10 Characterization of PM2.5/PM10 ratios over Eastern Part of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain from 2008 to 2019
11:30 Climate Change Implications on Small Island Developing States (SIDS): a Socioeconomic Perspective from the Kingdom of Bahrain
11:50 Climate Change in KSA: Effects, Trends and Planned Actions
12:10 Reflections on the Kigali Amendment Implementation in the GCC
12:30 Assessing PM2.5 in Bahrain From the DPSIR Framework Perspective

A3: Education for Sustainable Development

11:10 The feasibility and benefits of installing grid-connected PV Systems in the Kingdom of Bahrain
11:30 A Brief Review on Hydrogen production to Utilization Techniques
11:50 Remediation of Plastic waste through Microbial Degradation
12:10 Building a Pedagogical Framework for the Education of Sustainable Development using a Values-based Education Approach
12:30 Temperature-dependency of Environmental Higher Education

A4: Heritage and Sustainable Development

Chair: Hessa AlAtawi
11:10 Hybrid school design and living museums as means to spread cultural awareness of developed educational systems
11:26 Technological Environmental Education in the Arab World: Case of Kingdom of Bahrain
11:43 The Relationship between Climate Change and Cultural Heritage in the GCC
12:00 Smart Sustainable Initiatives for Traditionally Planned Cities: A Theoretical Analysis
12:16 Developing an Integrated Approach for Management of Living Religious Heritage in Indian Context
12:33 Rethinking life Post Pandemic: Would reviving the courtyard make a difference?

A5: Solar Systems and Heat Transfer

11:10 Solar Power Assessment for Photovoltaic Installation in Malaysia University Campus
11:30 Assessment of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Using Textile Washing Stone
11:50 A Hybrid Clean Energy System Based Thermal Solar Technologies
12:10 A Computer Simulation to Analyze the Cost-Benefit of Solar Air Cooling: Case Study for Jordan
12:30 Urban heat island: case study of Diyar Al Muharraq in Bahrain

A6: Biodiversity and Ecology (1)

Chair: Reem Sultan
11:10 Population variation of Polyphagotarsonemus latus (Banks) in Baghdad province, central Iraq
11:26 Estimating evapotranspiration using remote sensing and the metric energy balance model: case study of Sidi Benour region (Morocco)
11:43 A Biologically Distinct Isolate of Cucumber mosaic virus from Iraq
12:00 Production of Pure Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) Using Different Media
12:16 Hydrogen production via natural gas reforming: A comparative study between DRM, SRM and BRM techniques
12:33 Biodiversity and occurrence of plant viruses over four decades: Case study for Iraq

A7: Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries

11:10 Soil quality index to assess soil management practices in the semi-arid of Morocco
11:30 Vertical farms and sustainable food security .. Urban concept
11:50 The Impact of Urban Sprawl on The Marine Wealth of Bahrain
12:10 Study of agricultural land use variability in Doukkala irrigated area between 1998 and 2020
12:30 The Prototype Design of Water pH and TDS Indicator Device based on Microcontroller Arduino

Monday, November 15 14:10 – 15:50

B1: Greenhouse Gases and Sustainability

Chair: Hajar Ali Mahfoodh
14:10 Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Energy Recovery Potential for Optimum Waste Management Scenarios in Bahrain
14:30 Problems of CO2 Emissions in Ukraine and Ways to Overcome Them
14:50 Gas Waste Management in the GCC
15:10 Biogas Market in Indonesia: The Roles of Carbon Trading
15:30 A Shear Mixing approach in Polymer Composite Formation

B2: Sustainability of Water Resources

14:10 Sustainability of water resources with precise modelling of crop coefficients
14:30 Kinetic modelling of nutrient removal of petroleum industry wastewater remediation
14:50 Effect of hydraulic retention time on the treatment of Pulp and Paper Industry Wastewater by Extended Aeration Activated Sludge System
15:10 Flood Estimation Studies Using Hydrologic Modelling System (Hec-Hms) For Batu Pahat River Malaysia
15:30 Sphericity and Shape Analysis For Grain Scale Organization at Lepoh River, Hulu Langat Selangor

B3: Sustainable Construction (1)

Chair: Ehab Juma Adwan
14:10 Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Construction Industry in Malaysia
14:30 Using Sulfur Extender to Evaluate the Environmental Effects and Energy Demand of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
14:50 BIM Methodology applied to Facility Management: development of an integrated tool to benefit the building operation
15:10 Application of Machine Learning for Prediction of Early Seven-Day Strength of Concrete in Factories
15:30 Investigating the Tensile Strength and Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Concrete using Different Gradation Methods

B4: Health

Chair: Mohammad Selim
14:10 The impact of the vaccination and booster shots in containing the COVID-19 epidemic in Bahrain: a game theory approach
14:26 Identifying the Type of Chronic Kidney Disease Based on Heavy Metals in Soil using ANN
14:43 A Numerical Study of High Hydrostatic Pressure Using CFD
15:00 Enhancing Medical Data Transparency and Integrity with Blockchain Based Implementation
15:16 The effects of planned urban development on the comfort of healthy urban living
15:33 Impact of COVID 19 on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Evidence from Egyptian Plastic Packaging Industry

B5: Sustainable Construction (2)

14:10 Investigating Mechanical Properties of Interlocking Concrete Blocks by Recycling Waste Polyethylene Terephthalate – A Sustainable Approach
14:30 Employing a robust data-driven model to assess the environmental damages caused by installing grouted columns
14:50 Effect of Palm Oil Clinker Powder-Based Geopolymer as a Modifier on the Properties of Bitumen and Mixtures: A Sustainable Approach
15:10 Identification and evaluation of barriers and drivers to sustainable construction in China
15:30 Implementation Challenges of Automated Construction Progress Monitoring Under Industry 4.0 Framework Towards Sustainable Construction

B6: Sustainable Management and Resilience Planning

14:10 Cultivating Employee Green Behavior: The Essence of Individual Green Value
14:26 Challenges and Motivations for Youth Entrepreneurship Start-Ups: Empirical study from Egypt
14:43 Do technological innovation, financial development, and economic freedom limit energy demand The analysis of ASEAN+3
15:00 Covid-19 Interior and Architectural Design Solutions for Educational Workshops
15:16 Digital Wallet in Supporting Green FinTech Sustainability
15:33 Management Analysis on Occupational Health and Safety in the Boiler House Using Method of Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Determining Control

B7: Innovation and Technology in the Built Environment

Chair: Anamika Jiwane
14:10 Integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Value Engineering in Construction Projects: A Bibliometric Analysis
14:30 PVT Properties for Yemeni Reservoirs Using an Intelligent Approach
14:50 Recent Environmental Economic Rating of Renewable Energy Deployment in Prospective Built Environment in Saudi Arabia
15:10 Investigation of the Current Innovative Industrialized Building Systems (IBS) in Malaysia
15:30 Brainstorming Room Design Using Service Design

Tuesday, November 16

Tuesday, November 16 11:10 – 12:50

C1: Energy Sustainability, Resilience, and Transportation

Chair: Wafa Al-Ghatam
11:10 Automation in Traffic Engineering to Prevent Road Accidents: A Review
11:26 Awareness of Vehicle Safety Features and Their Use and Impact on Accidents
11:43 Evaluation of flexible pavement distresses – A Case Study of Northern Bypass Peshawar, Pakistan
12:00 Comparative analysis of support vector machine and maximum likelihood classifications using satellite images of Selangor, Malaysia
12:16 Design resilience of co-working space using users’ persona maps for interior designers
12:33 Influence of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Voltage Sags on the Performance of a Variable Frequency Transformer

C2: Energy and Renewable Fuels

Chair: May Khalfan
11:10 Conducted Emissions of Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Electronic Ballast Modeling
11:30 Optimization of electric power systems considering the environmental impact and uncertainties
11:50 A Review of the Hybrid Darrieus-Savonius Turbine for Hydrokinetic Applications
12:10 Optimisation of energy supply net with a single energy source
12:30 Thermal and Morphological Characterization of Coagulation-Processed Nanocomposite of Polypropylene and Bio-nanocarbon obtained from Bamboo

C3: Smart Urbanism

Chair: Huda Almadhoob
11:10 A Comprehensive Study of Distinctive Methods of Waste Segregation and Management
11:30 Sustainable Neighbourhood: A Urban Improvement Strategy for the Kingdom of Bahrain
11:50 Soil artificialization assessment by using time series remote sensing data (case El Jadida)
12:10 Investigation of a novel drying technique in tableware production process
12:30 Construction Accidents via Integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) with Emerging Digital Technologies a Review

C4: Sustainable Buildings and Resilience

Chair: Mona Ismail
11:10 The Study of Sustainability and Parametric Design Approach of Tall Buildings at Early Design Stage-ReviewThe vertical city model is gaining popularity as a result of rapid urban population growth, the widespread spread of economics, developers, and d
11:26 A case study on Green Buildings and its applicability in Bahrain
11:43 Orientation Effect on Energy Consumption in Building design
12:00 Building Information Modelling in Morocco: Quo Vadis?
12:16 Evaluation of Interaction between Bridge Infrastructure Resilience Factors Against Seismic Hazard
12:33 Automated Monitoring for Construction Productivity Recognition

C5: Water Resources and Agriculture

Chair: Abdulla Alqaddoumi
11:10 An effective predictive model for daily evapotranspiration based on a limited number of meteorological parameters
11:26 Comparative Study between Two Methods of Crop Classification in the Irrigated Area of Sidi Bennour
11:43 Use of Remote Sensing Data to Estimate Sugar Beet Crop Yield in the Doukkala Irrigated Perimeter
12:00 The economic feasibility of converting agricultural waste to PLA using simventure
12:16 Effectiveness of different surface soil covers in reducing turbidity and total suspended solids under severe rainfall events
12:33 Hybrid GSA-CS assisted performance evaluation of single-channel PVT air collector

C6: Building Systems and Technology

Chair: Abdulla Al-Jalahma
11:10 Facilitating Role of Cloud Computing in Driving Big Data Emergence
11:26 IoT-based Smart Water Quality Monitoring System for Malaysia
11:43 Evaluating the Impact of Design Patterns on Software Maintainability: An Empirical Evaluation
12:00 Sentimental Analysis, Technology and Application
12:16 A Framework for Catering Software Complexity Issues Using Architectural Patterns
12:33 Multidisciplinary Computational Optimization: an Integrated Approach to Achieve Sustainability in Tall Building Design at Early Stage

C7: Social and Organizational Sustainability

Chair: Nehal Ali Almurbati
11:10 Social Sustainability and Social Innovation Design: towards a memorable family space
11:30 The Role of Human Resource Policies in Fostering Organizational Success: An Evidence from Bahrain’s Construction Sector
11:50 Corporate Ownership Structure and Dividend Payouts: The Case of GCC Countries
12:10 Identifying the Impact of Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Performance: A Quantitative Evidence from MENA Region Industrial Sector
12:30 Measuring Women Empowerment Practices in Private Sector in Bahrain